Apr 11

How to pitch.

This morning we have an expert investor here to help prep each of our companies for future funding. Here’s some of what he reviewed with us.

What is needed in an ‘elevator pitch’:

1. Pizzaz
Show what is cool about your company FIRST. Get them interested right away and show them why they want to listen to your pitch.

2. Deal Terms
Tell them what you need and what you’re willing to offer.

3. Overview
Tell them a bit about the company

4. Management
Tell them how great your management team is

5. Financial
Give an overview of your financials: Historical Revenue is very important, Projections and Revenue Model. Tell them how you’re going to make money and what you think you’ll be able to make and why

6. Summary
Deal term presentation and contact information

Investors will ‘get’ what you’re explaining – don’t take hours going over your model and projections. Tell them an overview and what they DON’T know – your business solution.

Don’t ‘proselyte’ for an hour about how cool or great your solution is, they’ll ask you for more later if they’re interested.

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