Oct 24

Launch: TagJungle

Today was an exciting day! On Oct 15th, we applied to participate in Launch: Silicon Valley knowing it was a HUGE long shot. They are only selecting 30 companies from all submissions in Information Technology, Life Sciences and Consumer Technology. Ryan Hansen, Jeff Jordan (VP of Funding Universe, one of our partners) and I worked our tails off for a few days polishing our Executive Summary to submit to them.

Since then, I’ve been working like crazy on preparing materials to present to investors in addition to programming our ping feed processing system for our new beta architecture. Today we had our regular Tuesday company meeting (the only day that EVERYONE gets together in my basement) and reviewed the status of a lot of the pieces we’re working on for the beta release. While we were at lunch, I got an email telling us that we were selected to exhibit in Launch: Silicon Valley!!!

So now, instead of pushing as hard as we can until we get the beta version finished (this week) then taking a break – we’re now going to be pushing hard right up until Nov 8th. There are a lot of features that we intended to add at some point soon after the beta launch, now we’ve pushed the deadline up for those. (my wife will be soooo happy!)

Tomorrow (Oct 25th) I’ll be pitching at a VC firm in Salt Lake which I was pretty nervous about right up until I got that email – now I have much bigger things to be nervous about!

If you’re interested in participating in our private beta that will be launching this week, sign up on the TagJungle landing page!


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  1. Jeff Barson

    Congratulations Phil & the Tag Team. We’ll see if we can’t stir up some JungleEnvy in the blogosphere.

  2. Tyler Jensen

    An awesome idea. Great team. With some funding, you’ll take this one to the moon! Congrats and good luck! Let me know if I can help in any way. -Tyler

  3. Russell Page

    Yo Phil, let me know how I can still help on the PR front.

  4. Bart Gibby


    is your private beta full? I would like to participate. Been hearing good things about you guys’ website.

    You need to post an update here, because man this post is old!

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