Mar 21

Announcing the next Utah Bloggers Conference

A lot of people have been pinging me lately about when the next Utah Bloggers Conference is going to be and I’ve been rather elusive about it. Here’s why – I’ve been waiting for confirmations and commitments from various guests. I’m still waiting on a couple, but I have some important ones. We also have a date for it finally. Ryan Money and I have been talking regularly about this for the last 2 months and have been playing with a lot of different ideas for it. We met for lunch on Monday and settled on a plan. I’ll say again though, this is an early announcement – many of the details haven’t been worked out yet and we’re still working on several additional special guests.

The next Utah Bloggers Conference will be June 28th – 29th 2007, Robert Scoble will be our keynote speaker and will join Jeff Barr and others to be announced in a panel discussion. Jeff will also be presenting on how to utilize Amazon Web Services for your blog. There will be four main topics covered in multiple sessions: Blogging, Podcasting, VidCasting and Available Services/Building Communities, topic areas will include beginner, intermediate and advanced level discussions. Presenters for the sessions will include local blog leaders and guest speakers that we will be bringing in, all of which will be announced over the next few days. The conference will be free to everyone!

Several people have volunteered to help out with the conference (we know who you are and we’ll be in touch :) ) if you would like to help out and/or offer services, contact me or Ryan Money. If you are interested in sponsoring the conference, please contact Ryan Money. Sponsors will get ample coverage throughout the show via signage, public mention, handouts and takeaways. The UtahBloggers.com site is undergoing re-construction but will be up in the next few days to host all of this information.

With the exception of the date, all of this is subject to change for the next week or so as we finish putting everything together. Please help spread the word via blogging, emailing, twittering, yelling out your window and putting signs on your cars, thanks!


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  1. Jeff Jordan

    Right on, Phil! Let me know how I can help.

  2. Jason Alba

    Cool Phil – congrats on getting the speakers. This will be a great thing for the Utah blogging community – looking forward to more information.

    Jason Alba
    CEO – JibberJobber.com

  3. Shahar Boyayan

    Great!Let us know if you need help.

  4. Kevin Delaney

    Looking forward to the conference. A quick suggestion:

    Since events like this have a habit of changing, I think it would be nice to put an “official” event page somewhere that has the updated info on the event. That way we would all have something to link to.

    A standard serial blog post isn’t good for this since blog posts are chronological.

  5. Easton Ellsworth

    Very cool and makes me jealous that I moved from UT to AZ last year. Hopefully Know More Media will be able to help or at least send several authors/employees to the conference.

    Best of success with it! Keep us posted.

  6. Jesse Stay


    I have recently been very involved in the development of Pligg modules and Pligg community, which is the software the powers Know More Media’s BizzBites.com, and the site I run, Came2Pass.com. If you are interested in having me comment on any of this in the conference I would be glad to put together a presentation. Or perhaps a panel with myself and some of the Know More Media guys would be educational.

    BTW, your (distant?) cousin Jay Windley, who sits in the cubical next to me says hi!

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