Mar 25

Almost a photo Twitterer

I just read about RSS2Twitter over on Library Stuff and it’s pretty cool! It basically lets you twitter any rss feed. When I read it, I immediately thought it might address the twittering photos issue by twittering a flickr rss feed. Here’s the flow of what I was picturing:

Take a photo on your phone, send it to flickr, twitter2rss picks up the photo through the flickr rss feed and twitters it. This would let your twitter followers get instant notification of pics you’ve posted on flickr.

So, I created a new twitter account, phil801Feeds, and set up my flickr rss feed on rss2twitter.

The problem is in the 140 character limit on twitter. The flickr feed has an img link to the photos which results in the tweets looking garbled.

It’s really, really close! What we need is a specific FlickrRss2Twitter that functions specifically for flickr. If it grabbed the Title of the photo and then the url of the image within the img link, it could twitter something like this (from the above example): “IMG_4233: www.tinyurl.com/blahblah” .

Once that tweet was received, you would have a tiny url that was just a link to the actual photo. If you clicked the link on your phone, you would be able to see the picture, solving the issue of twittering photos! I would love to throw this together but don’t have the time. Maybe the creators of RSS2Twitter or someone else will take my suggestion and do something with it :)

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