Apr 12

Blog Storm Brewing: Bring Seth Godin to Utah!

There is a strong effort growing to bring Seth Godin to Utah to speak on May 24th this year. It’s actually pretty cool! I’m starting to lose count of the number of blog posts and how many bloggers have blogged about it, but a Blog Storm is definately brewing!

In an effort to stir the storm, here’s the call to action – Blog about Seth Godin coming to Utah! Oh, and sign up to pledge to pay $50 bucks to hear him speak!

I was chatting with Paul Allen about this earlier, and he said that a while ago, he paid $1,000.00 to hear Seth Godin speak, this is a great deal! Not only will you get to hear his latest, greatest thoughts, you’ll get 5 copies of his new book, “The Dip”. Why 5? Because Seth wants you to give away the other 4!

Here is Seth’s post talking about this deal and how it works.

The effort to bring Seth to Utah is being put on by WordMob.com – a grass roots group for bringing really cool people like Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki and Malcolm Gladwell to Utah to speak. We are mostly Utah geeks who want to help improve the image of Utah from both a business and technical perspective. Once a quarter, we plan to bring a major business oriented speaker to Utah, this time it’s Seth. We’re working on who to bring next. After all, why should the coastal cities get all the big name attention? Utah has tons to offer and we want to make sure the tech world knows it!

The real place to follow all the news and info about bringing Seth Godin to Utah is wordmob.com – add it to your reader!

If you don’t know who Seth Godin is, (he’s a major diety among the marketing gods) he is/was:

  • VP of Permission Marketing at Yahoo.com
  • Founder of one of the first online companies, Yoyodyne (acquired by Yahoo)
  • a contributing author to Fast Company
  • Founder of squidoo.com (you know, the squidoo lenses)
  • Author of several books, including:
  • The Big Red Fez
  • eMarketing
  • Permission Marketing
  • Survival is not Enough
  • Unleashing The Ideavirus – Detailing the idea of Viral marketing
  • Purple Cow
  • Free Prize Inside
  • All Marketers Are Liars
  • The Big Moo
  • Small is the New Big
  • The Dip
  • So, have you heard of Seth’s work?
    You can read more about Seth here.

    Come hear him speak! Pledge now to pay to hear him speak on May 24th, 2007!

    We’re also taking Corporate Sponsorships, you can contact me for more information on sponsorships at phil801@phil801.com

    And please, don’t forget about the Blog Storm, blog this up!!!

    Some current Blog Storm entries from the Street Team:

    Start-up Princess
    Steve Spencer
    Thom Allen

    There are a lot more, we’ll be linking to them all on WordMob.com

    One final note, I have a few times been credited for starting this thing – that credit isn’t due to me. Matt Reinbold is the one that originally found out about it and pinged Jason Alba and I about it. We then got together in a chat and started making plans. If anyone is to get O.G. cred for this, it’s Matt or all three of us. Then, we built the Street Team which inlcudes Janet Meiners, Richard Miller, Steve Spencer, Paul Thompson, and Thom Allen. The Street Team comprises the full effort here, we couldn’t do it without everyone coming together!

    So as a wrap-up: Please! Blog about Seth Godin coming to Utah, check in at wordmob.com, and pledge to pay 50 bucks so we can put another map notch on Utah!

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