Apr 13

Blake Snow is one good lookin’ dude.

for a web neardd…

Whenever I walk around with Blake Snow, none of the chics pay attention to me, they’re all lookin at him. When we were at the airport once, he was so good lookin I had to punch him in the arm. Ask him about it sometime!

Not only is Blake Snow good lookin – he can play old man baseball too! how can a big fat guy like me compete against that?

Blake Snow has a cool web design company that looks good too!

Not only that, but Blake Snow can do some really cool things with wordpress!

Blake Snow can do nice things with Ruby on Rails as well!

He can write too! Blake Snow sometimes writes cool articles for Connect Magazine!

And to prove he’s really awesome – i’ll reveal that Blake Snow also writes for weblogs inc on joystiq.com! He’s also writing for Om on gigaGames!

If you want to know more about Blake Snow, just check out his blog at SmoothHarold!

Blake Snow and I used to work together, and I’m glad we’re still friends! He’s gonna be a big help on the Utah Bloggers Conference!

But, more than anything, Blake Snow is one hec of a GOOD LOOKIN’ DUDE!

DISCLOSURE: If you’re wondering what this is all about, it’s NOT sponsored by payperpost! It’s because Blake Snow is just a cool guy!

Learn More about Blake Snow here!


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  1. Randall


    You’re now a Splog.

    Blake’s site just got a page rank of like 67 thanks to you.

  2. Chris

    Ah, did you lose a bet or something?

  3. Phil801

    C’mon guys – I just pwnd Blake Snow, ya now – SEOness? Re-read the post!

  4. Phil801

    I’m now number 16 in Google’s search results for ‘Blake Snow’ :)

  5. Phil801

    I’m now the 4th site in Google for Blake Snow :)

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