Apr 13

Seth can Shave my Noggin!!!

Seth Godin

Ash Buckles and I are putting are heads on the block – so to speak!

Here’s the deal – for a Corporate Sponsorship of $2,500.00 each, in the effort to bring Seth Godin to Utah, Ash and I will offer the following:

  • Before he speaks, Seth will shave our head (if he’s willing, if not we’ll let the sponsor do it)
  • Ash and I (and the others on the street team) will be MC’ing and up on stage – we’ll wear the sponsors T-Shirt
  • Once shaven, we’ll allow the sponsor to draw their name/logo/whatever on our shaved noggin!
  • Why do this? A shaved head is one of Seth’s trademarks – it’s in honor of him :)

    For the sponsor, I can guarantee people will be talking about who gets to shave our heads and put their logo on it!

    Anyone else willing to put their head on the block to help get Seth out here? Let me know!


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    1. Thom Allen

      I’m in.

    2. Ash

      Phil, I love it. Excellent post. I’m so excited about the opportunity to have Seth shave my head. When I was 15 it was a great honor to have Steven Tyler rub my bald head in SLC. Now at 31 it would great to have Seth Godin do the same… maybe even shave my head.

    3. Adria

      I don’t know, this makes me want to pledge for Seth to visit Phoenix instead. ;)

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