Aug 15

How to get a: Facebook Badge, Flickr Badge, Delicious Badge and MyBlogLog Badge

I get a lot of questions about how to get a Facebook Badge, Flickr Badge, Delicious Badge or MyBlogLog Badge, I have posted about most of these in the past, but I want one post I can just point people to – this is it.

How to get a Facebook Badge:facebooklogo.jpg

I have a Facebook Badge on the right side of my blog, there are several ways to configure them but it’s kind of tricky to find – here’s what you need to do:

Scroll ALL the way to the bottom of your Profile page in Facebook. On the left side there are two links, “Profile Layout” and “Create a Profile Badge”. Click “Create a Profile Badge”.

From there it’s pretty self-explanatory. You can create a Facebook badge based on templates for a Photo, Signature or Blog Badge, or you can just roll your own. They only let you choose a few options, but they include your status, pics, events, posts and notes. Once you’ve laid it out, it gives you a piece of JavaScript to paste into your blog, once you’ve pasted the javascript in, it will show your new Facebook Badge every time your blog is loaded.

How to get a Flickr Badge:flickrlogo.jpg

Flickr Badges are a bit easier to put together. Goto this link to get started. The first step to building your Flickr Badge is to select whether you want HTML or Flash for your badge – the one you’ll see on the right side of my blog is Flash based. The main difference is that the HTML one is a static display whereas the Flash Flickr Badge is animated and features your photos better. However, the Flash version takes longer to load than the HTML Flickr Badge does. Next, select what photos you want in your Flickr Badge – you can have all of them, ones tagged with a specific term (one trick here is to use “blog” as a tag, then the only pics that’ll show up in your Flickr Badge will be ones you’ve tagged with “blog”) or you can chose to show only the pictures you’ve organized in a set. The last step to configure your Flickr Badge is to select the color scheme that you want for it. After you’ve done that, you can copy the javascript for your new Flickr Badge and paste it into your blog.

How to get a Delicious Badge:deliciouslogo.jpg

Delicious Badges are pretty quick and easy too. Goto this link to get started. There are several choices to make about what you want your badge to display including: how many links to show, the title of your badge, showing tags, etc. Configure it the way you would like (you can always go back and change it). As you’re changing the options, it will display how your Delicious Badge will look to the right, (you can see my Delicious Badge on the right side of my blog titled “Recent Bookmarks”). Once you’ve configured it the way you like, copy the javascript from the box at the top then paste it into your blog. Once you’re done with that, your new Delicious Badge will show up every time your blog loads.

How to get a MyBlogLog Badge:myblogloglogo.gif

MyBlogLog Badges require you to be logged in to MyBlogLog before you can build them. If you’re a member of MyBlogLog, goto MyBlogLog and sign in. If you have cookies enabled, you should automatically be signed in and you’ll see a MyBlogLog Badge on the right, underneath it will be a button that says “Get this widget now”, click that button. If you’re on your profile page you’ll see a section titled “Sites and Blogs I Author” (assuming you have your blog already signed up) underneath the entry for your blog, you’ll see a button that says “Get Widgets”, click this. There are a couple different widgets (or badges) to chose from. The MyBlogLog Badge you’ll see on the right of my blog is the “Recent Readers” Badge. There is also one for showing your “Top Links”. With either one, there are some options to configure your new MyBlogLog Badge with ways to preview what it will look like. Once you’ve got it set up the way you like it, paste the JavaScript into your blog and your all set with your new MyBlogLog Badge!

Any other badges I should write a how-to for?


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  1. John Rodkin

    Very helpful, thanks!

  2. adibah

    excellent, thanks a lot, i have been wondering how to do this.

  3. monica

    this is great but I have no idea where to put the coding on my blogger page.

  4. arjuna

    How about a blogger badge(html code) I know blogger provides their own badges but i would prefer independent code for it
    thank you

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