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Apr 09

Twitter Updates for 2007-04-09

@ashbuckles in your flickr acct it will tell you the email address you can send them to. Hopefully your phonecam will let you send # Heading ho.e. Very worn out. # @mrs801 cool, twit meetup @ my place! # @ash thanks man! # 20 oz bottle of engineering green to get me home. # Twitting …

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Apr 08

Twitter Updates for 2007-04-08

@thomallen there are only 2 palces to see, in front of you and behind you # Flower4 : # Pansy1 : # @cspencer a couple whacks with a hammer should do the trick # At easter party at my parents. As if the kids haven’t had enough candy today! # Powered by Twitter …

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Apr 07

Twitter Updates for 2007-04-07

Dinner with adria at california pizza kitchen, taco pizza!! Yum! We’re both wearing black thinkgeek shirts # Standing around doing nothing while adria shops for new clothes # @dextr0us you know your really gonna just practice your triangle # @dextr0us you’ll be out there triangle-less with dale! # @dextr0us i’m gonna practice my tamborine # …

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Apr 06

Twitter Updates for 2007-04-06

@ashbuckles you got that right bro! # @ashbuckles i’ve got an iso of the pg13 version # Wow!!!!!! It’s amazing! A tweet from cspencer! Welcome back dude # Left slc at 4:30. Almost to mapleton # @cspencer yeah, its always bad. Today was much worse than normal # Need engineering green # Finally home! Now …

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Apr 05

Twitter Updates for 2007-04-05

WildFlowers3 : # Flower : # Dandelions : # Wildflowers2 : # Plum Blossoms : # Wildflowers1 : # @thomallen thanks dude! # @thomallen my take on Macs: # @jeffbarr seriously, how do you get by with just that one monitor? Love the pinetree air freshner – classic! …

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Apr 04

Twitter Updates for 2007-04-04

Heading to fight club, which i really can’t talk about. # @jasonalba it’s cool, but now i have to kill you. # Can’t take a baby in a sports bar. Who knew? I got kicked out when we showed up for fight club # @ashbuckles dude, do you live in provo? I thought you were …

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Apr 03

Twitter Updates for 2007-04-03

Eating at asuka (japanese sushi/steakhouse) for adria’s birthday dinner # @lauramoncur she says ‘thanks!!’ # @thomallen i live in mapleton, right by springville # @thomallen i live on 2 1/2 acres of horse property # Hanging at borders with adria. Dinner was great! # @thomallen Let me know when you do # I love being …

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Apr 02

Twitter Updates for 2007-04-02

Watching 24 on myspace with adria. # @dextr0us what’re you talkin about? # About to head to ogden to meet with my investor, then venue hunting for blogger conf, then mtg w/politic20, then mtg w/clients. long day! # Stuck in heavy traffic on i15, daughter driving. # @robmerril, just passed it, thanks!! # @libelvox does …

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