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Dec 29

Me, TJ and the New Year

2006 has been a great year! It’s been pretty crazy and i’ve made several 360 degree turns, but it’s been a lot of fun and excitement along the way. Obviously, I haven’t blogged for a month or so and I haven’t blogged very regularly in the last few months at all. Unfortunately, building a start-up …

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Jun 25

Social Networks and Corporations

In the past I’ve talked quite a bit about hiring people for their networks and the potential advantages in it. The premise of it is that interviewing and hiring people for their networks is an idea whose time has come. For example, if I were still programming my network of programmers would very likely be …

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May 09

Marketing Sherpa Conference in New York

It’s a traveling week for me again. I flew in to New York on Sunday night with Neal Bergstrom, the President of LDSMedia, and we’ll be heading out Wednesday morning. From there I’m heading to a Corporate Alliance Summit in Park City until Friday. The Conference has been very interesting so far, it’s on Subscription …

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Apr 25

Management Tools

Business Jive is by far my favorite podcast in the world, ever, there’ll never be better. Oh yeah, we own it so I might be biased Judd does an awesome job putting together incredible podcasts. My second favorite podcast though is Manager Tools, and I listen to it every spare moment I get (a lot …

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Feb 19

Wrapping another trip to San Francisco

Well, I’ve been in San Francisco most of the week and it’s been an eventful trip. I came in on Wednesday evening to attend the 451 Group’s OSBC open house, thanks to Raven Zachary for the invite! I met several people there and found out about BarCamp Austin going on on Saturday during SxSW. That …

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Feb 19

Scoble finds out Verizon AirCards are faster than Cingular

Scoble says he did some speed comparisons with his Cingular AirCard vs. Verizon and Verizon won out. This is great news for me since I’m already using the Verizon model. His commenters are saying that Sprint’s EVDO card has better coverage – I haven’t found somewhere without coverage yet but that’s good to know. I …

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Jan 31

Being COO of an Internet Incubator

I try pretty hard to keep this blog focused on technology and geeky stuff, the problem is that since I now have a very different focus in my professional life I don’t explore stuff as deeply as I once did. I’m still very involved with technology and geeky stuff, but I’m also very invovled with …

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Jan 26

Blastyx Preview!

Blastyx has just released two new preview videos – ‘The Wireless Mountain Man’ talking about remote wireless services and ‘The Knowledge Manager’ talking about a new software development project. Check them out at Give us some feedback on your blogs!

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