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Oct 02

LDS General Conference in a Modern World #ldsconf

For most of my life paying close attention to LDS General Conference has been primarily an exercise in sleeping.  It’s not just conference, but anytime I stop moving and stare at a tv – it just puts me to sleep.  With modern technology though, Conference can and has, for me, become a much more interactive …

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Dec 08

The Saga of Chicken Pox with Leukemia

So Serenity ended up spending 24 hours in the hospital, now she is home on IV meds. Here’s the interesting thing, we’re basically being her primary care providers – that’s how much training and experience we’ve gained in medicine this year. Chicken Pox is a potentially deadly combination with Leukemia, but only if there is …

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Dec 04

Chickenpox! Serenity heading back to the Hospital

 I swore I would be better about blogging Serenity’s hospital/leukemia journey than I have been lately – unfortunately, now is my chance to make good on that.  Serenity (my youngest daughter who has leukemia) has just been diagnosed with Chickenpox, one of the more dangerous things that could happen for her right now.  Adria is currently …

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Aug 19

Utah Programmer Tom Gregory’s son passes away

 I’ve been swamped lately and haven’t taken the time to blog for some time, but this is definately something I have time to stop and share with everyone. I don’t know Tom very well, our paths cross several times a year at Utah networking and other events (he’s a regular at the CTO Breakfast), but …

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Jul 30

Blood Drive was a Success! And, I’m a big Sissy!

The Serenity Foundation’s first National Bloggers Blood Drive was a big, fun success!  We collected 23 units of blood which, by the numbers from ARUP, calculates to saving 69 lives – not bad for a quickly organized event!   I’ve uploaded the photos I took of several donors, they’re available on my Flickr Feed here. Twelve …

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Jul 30

Reminder: Blood Drive TODAY!

Be a Hero, Save a Life, Donate Blood! This is just an RSS reminder about the National Bloggers Blood Drive today, if you’re in Utah please come join us at Twelve Horses in Draper any time from 3 – 8 pm today.  There will be movies, games, snacks and a couple prize drawings along with …

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Jul 28

Blood Drive on Wednesday!

It’s almost time for The Serenity Foundation’s first quarterly National Bloggers Blood Drive!  The goal of the NBBD is to hold local blood drives in multiple locations around the world that occur at the same time allowing live tweeting/flickring and blogging to go on.  This being the first event and being planned with very little …

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Jul 09

Announcing the first quarterly Serenity Foundation National Bloggers Blood Drive!

I’m really excited about this and I think it’s going to be REALLY cool!  July 30th will be the first quarterly National Bloggers Blood Drive, this is a new project we’re organizing at The Serenity Foundation.  As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been working on organizing a new twist on blood drives and …

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