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Nov 12

Where do you fit in Middle Earth?

Rohirrim To which race of Middle Earth do you belong? brought to you by Quizilla And here I always thought I wanted to be a ranger! Well, being a horseman wouldn’t be so bad Where do you fit in in Middle Earth?

Sep 27

A literal Computer/Mind Interface!

 Computer users move themselves with the mind - Electrode cap allows users to think themselves along a virtual street. found via Mitch’s Open Notebook Oh – I can’t wait for this to go mainstream! The article talks a lot about using it for handicap persons – which is great. But I see this as a new interface …

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Sep 23

Google Logo Maker

Came across this today – kind of a fun logo tool. Google Logo Maker-Logogle

Sep 20

The Final Cut?

I’ve been saying for years that I couldn’t wait to be ‘cybered’ or have cybernetic add-ons. I found this on Scott Kuhl’s blog – The Final Cut?today and, while this is very cool stuff, The Final Cut kind of weirded me out. Basically, the Gordon Bell is capturing everything he can including 1,000 pics a …

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Sep 20

Using ‘catoms’ for teleportation?

This is some really cool emerging technology – too bad they estimate at least 20 years before it’s viable. I love reading about this kind of stuff though! » Using ‘catoms’ for teleportation? | Emerging Technology Trends |

Sep 20

Windows Vista Build 5219

Brandon’s Vista : My Experience with Windows Vista Build 5219 Brandon gives a very useful review of the application changes in Vista – I gotta get my hands on this beta!

Sep 20

Audio In Windows Vista

» Audio In Windows Vista  InsideMicrosoft – part of the Blog News Channel This is great news! Frankly I’m tired of the audio interface for windows – actually, have been for years!

Sep 20

Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar

Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar Thanks Aaron – I’ll be installing this today as well! My wife will be pretty excited about it I think! IE Dev Toolbar

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