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Jun 14

The Falliability of Hard Drives and the Recovery of Data

The claim “My hard drive failed” is the modern day equivalent of saying “The dog ate my homework”.

Jun 14

The Distributed Nature of Email Systems Vs The IRS’s Claims

Lois Lerner’s computer that failed was NOT her email server. It is technically and physically impossible for her computer to actually send (modern) email, she MUST connect to a Mail Server to do that.

Jun 14

Dissecting the IRS’s Claims Regarding Lois Lerner’s “Lost Email”

Breakout and enumeration of the implicit and explicit claims being made by the IRS.

Jun 14

A Technologist’s Peer-Reviewed, In-Depth, Simplified Analysis of the IRS Claim of Lois Lerner’s Email Being Deleted

The IRS claimed today that they have “irretrievably lost” two years’ worth of Lois Lerner’s email. This is a fairly outlandish and quite convenient event. And it’s a lie.

Feb 13

It’s official: Apple fanboy desperation has splashed off the bottom into the Land of the Ludicrous

Having apparently completely lost his mind, possibly from overexposure to the pinwheel of death, a (should be) 12-step seeking Apple Fanboy recently posted this:
“It’s official: Apple sells more computers than all Windows PCs combined”

Jan 16

MacWorld Keynote – ShoobeyDoowaa!

I’m sure that all my readers are anxiously awaiting my take on the MacWorld JobsNote since it is extremely difficult to find a blog that covered it.  I know it was yesterday, but digesting everything The Steve said and really boiling it down to its essence takes time.  If you were one of the 3 …

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Aug 08

Amazon FPS Library for VB.Net

Amazon released a C# Demo for FPS, but not a VB.Net one. Since VB.Net is my preferred language, I converted the C# library to VB.Net. It would seem that Amazon will probably continually release new versions of the WSDL in C# – to avoid having to convert it every time and to make future upgrades …

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Apr 26

Been thinking of getting more RAM? Do it soon!

According to this report: After tumbling for more than four consecutive months, prices on dynamic random access memory (DRAM) may sustain rapid decrease in the coming months, causing memory chip makers to continue losing money. Nevertheless, as the demand towards computers increases in the second half of the year, towards back-to-school season, the prices may …

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