Amazon FPS Library for VB.Net

aws_logo.gif Amazon released a C# Demo for FPS, but not a VB.Net one. Since VB.Net is my preferred language, I converted the C# library to VB.Net.

It would seem that Amazon will probably continually release new versions of the WSDL in C# – to avoid having to convert it every time and to make future upgrades easy, I wrapped the WSDL in a seperate DLL. In the future, all that will need to be done to upgrade it is to replace the WSDL source file in the DLL project and rebuild.

This isn’t a download and run project – FPS is much more complicated than that. Once you extract the zip file, make sure you follow the instructions in the ReadMe.txt file – there is much to do!

I’m also working on a quick-start guide that covers some of the things I learned while trying to get FPS working. I should have that out in the next day or two.

The biggest pointer I can give you right now is: When you are building your keystore, a potentially confusing process, you can do it with the openssl for Windows project, which you can download here.

You can download the source files for the FPS VB.Net Library here.


2 thoughts on “Amazon FPS Library for VB.Net

  1. Aaron

    Phil, This is great news. I actually am a big fan of C# and use it now instead of just because I love over complicating things. Good find on the Win32 OpenSSL link.

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