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Aug 08

Amazon FPS Library for VB.Net

Amazon released a C# Demo for FPS, but not a VB.Net one. Since VB.Net is my preferred language, I converted the C# library to VB.Net. It would seem that Amazon will probably continually release new versions of the WSDL in C# – to avoid having to convert it every time and to make future upgrades …

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Aug 05

The Amazon FPS API – not your simple widget

I’ve spent a lot of time this weekend digging through the API for the new Amazon Flexible Payment System (FPS). This is not just a quick whiz-bang API that you spend 20 minutes with and have something cool up and running! Just getting set-up to communicate with FPS is a somewhat time consuming learning curve. …

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Aug 03

Amazon Announces “Flexible Payment Service” or FPS

With what may have been the biggest buildup to a blog post I’ve ever seen (all done via Twitter), Jeff Barr publicly announced Amazon’s FPS product – effectively ending my NDA about it from over a year ago. FPS is a micro-payment system that shields the parties involved in the transaction from having to deal …

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