Upcoming Geek Dinner – with Jeff Barr

Jeff and I have been talking about this for a while and we just finalized the schedules – February 8th, 2007 at 6:00 pm we’ll be having our first Geek Dinner of 2007 at Los Hermanos in Lindon (where we’ve had a few of the dinners) with Jeff Barr, the Web Services Evangelist for Amazon.com, as our guest of honor.

I’ll be sending out emails to the Geek Dinner list and I’m working on getting the DevUtah site fixed up for RSVP’ing, but mark your calendars and blog about it! I’ll post updates here as they come up.

Jeff is also going to be speaking at the Provo Labs Academy – more information on that on Paul’s Blog – he is taking names for a waiting list if you would like to attend that presentation.

5 thoughts on “Upcoming Geek Dinner – with Jeff Barr

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  4. Connor

    I’d love to go to the next geek dinner. Is there some way to sign up for notifications? If not, perhaps somebody (I guess I’m volunteering?) could create a “geek dinner” website where people can sign up for automatic notifications and such?

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